Myths Debunked for Land Surveys

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When building any new construction, you can’t just use any land for it. It is important to categorize the land according to use. To find the best-fitting land for your purposes, you need to know what you need from the land and if it has all of your requirements. A land survey is important for that. An advanced survey process with new tools and proficient people can get you the most suitable land.

Needless to say, you can’t perform the job by yourself. There are many land surveyor companies in OKC from whom you can choose as per your needs and preferences.

Myth is that a land survey is very expensive

Before you hire a company to perform a land survey, don’t get carried away by the myths. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • The first myth is that a land survey is very expensive. A professional service that completes the survey correctly, would not take one extra dollar from your pocket. Generally, when people end up spending more on the land survey, it is because of mistakes made during the design process;
  • Despite it being the 21st century, not all land around the country has been surveyed. Even if all the land in your town has been done once, don’t go relying on old maps, some things change over time. Therefore, it is recommended to hire a professional company that will send a land surveyor to assist you with your property in OKC;
  • Do not depend on the age of the fence to know the valid property line. The fence can represent an outdated set of property lines or it can even indicate a hypothetical property line. Therefore, it is not smart to rely on it and you should take further steps;
  • If the property line is not determined beforehand, there is a high possibility for neighbors to encroach on each other’s property lines. Only a surveyor can establish a valid property line.

If you work with an experienced land surveyor in OKC you can get all the benefits and Red Hawk Surveying is one of the best. You can get a professional survey for any of your future construction. Contact us now and get a consultation for further discussions.

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