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If you’re one of those interested in buying and selling your land, deed research can help you. A deed can reveal a lot more about the ownership of a piece of real estate. If you’re a researcher and want to learn more about the history of real estate, you can consider working from one deed to another. When you work through one deed to another, you will be able to understand who has the right possession of the land. Courthouse deed research means you have to go to a courthouse and search for the deed to a property. Since old records are hard to locate, it can take a lot more time. If you want to conduct a boundary survey to define the limits of your property, be sure to conduct a deed research.

What to Do While Conducting a Deed Research?

  • First, make sure to call the courthouse if the records you’re trying to find are very old. Old records are often transferred to archive building or they can simply be intangible;
  • Seek help from the courthouse clerk. Don’t be shy in calling out for help. Conducting deed research is not so easy;
  • It’s important to remember the name of the buyer or seller of the land;
  • Before conducting a deed research, make sure the property you’re interested in is located in the country of your courthouse.

When it comes to knowing the history of your property, deed research is considered to be the most effective way. Since a deed can contain the purchaser’s history, this will help you conduct your genealogical research. A deed will include the name of both the new and original owner along with dates.

If you decide to determine the limitations of your property, you will need to conduct a boundary survey. But before conducting a boundary survey, it’s equally important to conduct a deed research. If you are looking for a particular information, some other records rather than a deed can provide you with exactly what you want. Regardless of the scenario, when you’re interested in a particular piece of land, a courthouse deed research is an excellent option to look up to.

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