Topographic Survey- The Basics to Enlighten Yourself

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With a topographic survey, you can check the physical features of and elevation of a given land. Topographic surveys provide accurate planning of the site footprint so that the decision-makers can have knowledge of the physical space required.

Topographic surveys are useful in different sectors like mining, architecture, construction, and other industries.

Moreover, topographic surveys can provide a complete understanding of the site to prevent delays as well as costly mistakes. Many countries opt for topographic surveys since it prevents boundary issues.

Topographic Survey- What to Know About It?

A topographic survey helps in depicting the accuracy of a given piece of land that too in three dimensions. When it comes to traditional usage, topographic maps show the size, depth as well as location of any man-made as well as natural features. It also helps in knowing the contours as well as the elevation of any land.

Topographic surveys include the following features boundary lines, buildings as well as structures, vegetation, drainage features, etc. Building contractors and engineers use topographic maps for visualizing the sites. It also helps in supporting the design and improves the overall development of sites.

Different types of topographic surveys

It is important to understand that the topographic surveys are divided depending on the purpose of the survey. A general topo survey, boundary survey, bathymetric survey, everything can be done using the topographic surveys. Here are a few specific forms of topographic surveys.

As-built Surveys

Construction projects begin with site planning. For that, an effective blueprint is required, which includes the proposed as well as the present condition of a given site. With the As-built topographical surveys, the topographical surveyors ensure that the construction site has been taken care of.

Not only that, but it is also used for getting a completion certificate from any local body. Not only that, the as-built survey offers essential information that is needed for construction. When it comes to the existing structures, the As-built surveys find out if any structure is changing any shape or is moving.

Mortgage Survey

A mortgage survey is a simple form of the topographic survey, which is perfect for banks as well as lending institutions, especially when it provides financing for showing that there are no structures, which is present on the property.

Want a Topographical Survey?

Topographical surveys are essential as it helps in finding out if there is any vegetation or buildings near your property. Contact RedHawk Surveying for more details.

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