The Details of Lot Split Plat in Survey

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It’s common for someone to request a lot split if they want to “split” an existing lot or lots into two or more new lots. Before going for a boundary survey, read on to get a clear idea.

Are There Any Properties That Cannot Be Divided?

It is possible to divide a residential, commercial, or industrial property. There are two types of property in this category: land that has already been subdivided and individual parcels of land. Customer service is provided when purchasing an online Lot Split Plat.

  • Legal descriptions, such as a current deed, are used to perform a boundary survey on the property.

  • Afterward, the owner of the property will identify the location of the “new” line that divides the property.

  • Due to planning and zoning regulations concerning lot size and frontage, any new “new” lots must meet these standards.

  • Following the approval of the municipality or county, a preliminary Lot Split Plat will be drawn up by a surveyor. All parties involved (owner, lienholder, planning and zoning, etc.) must agree on the split before the final plat can be drawn up.

  • The new property corners will be marked by new survey monuments set by the surveyor. Owners, lien holders, and municipal officials must all sign off on the final plat before it can go into effect.

  • New property descriptions are provided to the owner after the plat has been recorded in the public record. New deeds for the newly created properties can be prepared and filed by an attorney or title company

Timelines of Lot Splits

For a Lot Split, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to months. Field work and plat preparation can take up to two weeks. There could be an additional two or three months of waiting time if the property owner has to attend an additional meeting in order to present the request. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to get the final signatures from your lien holder, depending on whether they are local or not.

Whom to Trust?

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