A Guideline to ALTA Land Title Survey

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We may often use the word diligence in the real estate sector to describe the process of gathering discoveries, data and disclosing it in connection with the investment of a property. Everybody gives immense importance to the ALTA Land Title Surveys to get various benefits in commercial real estate transactions. It is not a simple land surveying process.

The requirements of ALTA surveying differ from other standard borders, boundaries, or simple location studies. It is considered as a gold standard in the field of surveying. Mainly design, finance, legal, development and title professionals use this process. Nowadays, many lenders make this processing mandatory before providing funding for commercial property acquisitions.

What is an ALTA Land Title Survey?

Mainly this type of standard is based on accuracy standard and Minimum Standard Detail Requirements. Both the tile and the surveying industry revise the guideline of this survey. You can find various similarities between these two, but the ALTA land title survey is much stricter than other types of surveying.

ALTA is a term which is also known as the American Land Title Association in the Civil Engineering & Real Estate domain. Basically, it is a set of principles that the land surveyors must follow. It also standardizes the processes, the survey methods, and actions of surveys. This surveying basically establishes the acceptable expectations and principles in the United States.

What Type of Information Does Alta Survey Provide?

  • Evidence of use by other parties;
  • Names of neighboring property owners;
  • Property boundaries;
  • Description of legal property;
  • Zoning classification;
  • Water boundaries;
  • Existence of cemeteries;
  • Easement and encumbrances;
  • Encroachments;
  • Access and legal routes to the property;
  • Features of access and legal routes;
  • Land improvements and Flood zone classification.

Why Is It Necessary?

Mainly title companies, banks, lending institutes and insurance companies order to do an ALTA surveying to ensure that the particular land has no problem and meets all the requirements they need. Keep in mind that the property turtle and mortgage insurance are issued based on this surveying. This type of surveying determines most of the land ownership components to avoid conflicts in near future.

The Process

Basically, this survey is conducted for both private and public land records. The surveyors do a physical analysis of the boundary and property itself. After surveying, the expert makes a map of the property. Next, the title company reviews the map and acknowledges it. At last, if the client accepts the map of the property, then the surveyor signs and seals the map.

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Despite knowing that the planning and zoning conditions have been changed over time, the commercial lender must do the ALTA land title survey to ensure that there is no problem in the property for now. If you have any land project in your hand, call us at Red Hawk Surveying in OKC. Our expert team will be happy to help you in this matter.

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