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When you intend to buy a property or develop a piece of land, you may come across many arguments. To make an end to this argument and so called dispute, conducting a land survey is essential. A land survey determines who owns a particular piece of land or if it is suitable to build a specific building type. To end the dispute, land survey is the sole solution. It’s actually a report that makes sure you are using your own land and avoid disputes. Developers often use this report to decide the boundaries of a particular site. You can contact a land surveyor in OKC to help you conduct the land survey for your new developments.

Land surveys have different types. Each type determines its specific need to the developer:

Location Survey

Location survey determines the physical boundaries of a property and other important features of the site. Location survey helps to figure out property improvements in accordance to its boundary lines. This type of survey often involves physical inspection.

Construction Survey

Construction survey determines the suitability of a land for the construction of a specific project. In simple words, it helps finding out whether a particular place is suitable for construction projects such as making buildings and roads.

Boundary Survey

A boundary survey is similar to a location survey. But the purpose of a boundary survey is only to identify the actual boundary of your property. This survey helps you find out where a land ends and when one begins.

Topographical Survey

A topographical survey is used to locate physical boundaries, property and land features. When it comes to determining the existing condition and elevation of a site, topographical survey has a role to play. You can contact a land surveyor in OKC in this regard.

Apart from these surveys, there are two different types of land surveys – Subdivision Survey and Site Planning Survey. Subdivision survey plays an important role when you want to divide your land into small estates. The purpose of sight planning survey is to determine the designing of home and industrial sites.

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