Are All Land Surveyors Eligible to Perform ALTA Surveying?

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Many legal and real estate professionals involved with land projects are familiar with the term called ALTA surveying. The governing body has established a new standard for this type of survey but the clients may not be aware of the educational and licensing requirements for the surveyors all the time.

An individual has to pursue coursework and goes through an internship process and licensing procedures to perform ALTA surveying in OKC. Though the educational course may vary from state to state, an individual must complete a two-year curriculum culminating in a B.S. degree which contains relevant coursework approved for licensure. After passing the examination, the candidate must continue a four-year internship before doing the practice exam.

What Do They Have to Do?

After passing the examination, the candidate either joins as a surveyor-in-training or surveyor intern. But keep in mind that they are not yet eligible for performing the services of a licensed surveyor. Only the aspirants who have completed the practice exam can perform an ALTA surveying.

What are the Qualifications?

Before hiring for the ALTA survey, the customer must check the credentials of the surveyor who will perform the work before the assignment. The credential may vary in different states. A few common titles are:

  • Professional Surveyor;
  • Registered Professional Surveyor;
  • Professional Land Surveyor;
  • Registered Professional Land Surveyor.

What is the National Standard for ALTA Survey?

There is a fundamental difference between land surveyors and ALTA land surveyors are that ALTA surveys adhere to national standards which are also referred to as Minimum Detail Standard Requirements. Both the National Society of Professional Surveyors and the American Land Title Association establish this standard to maintain the work quality.

What are the Required Survey Elements?

Various factors reduce the possibilities of risks including unrecorded easements and encroachments. The experts note some essential components during ALTA surveying that can impact the survey itself. The following are:

  • Water features;
  • Location of structures on the site;
  • Points of connection and location of utility lines;
  • Boundary lines even if natural features obscure them;
  • Unrecorded easements;
  • Encroachments.

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Overall, the ALTA surveying provides a report that makes sure that all matters even if they are hidden are described thoroughly. It also provides lenders, developers, title companies, and attorneys peace of mind to continue with a transaction.

Without having an ALTA report, the involved person may have to deal with legal problems related to the land down the road. If you want to avoid such issues in the future, then help us to help you. You can email us at Red Hawk Surveying to get professional advice in OKC.

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