ALTA Survey: Why Landowners Need It The Most?

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An ALTA survey is a boundary survey of a property that is conducted by experts. Both the National Society of Professional Surveyors and the American Land Title Association develop this standard of the survey. The experts delineate the boundaries of a property and its legal ownership skillfully.

Keep in mind that an ALTA Land Title Survey is one of the most important elements of any real estate due diligence period. The seller or buyer has to obtain comprehensive Title Insurance to buy or sell any particular property. If you are a property owner and want to sell it legally at a reasonable price in OKC, then contact the expert surveyors to do ALTA surveying.

Basic Objective of ALTA Survey

The main objective of this type of survey is to establish acceptable and common expectations and principles in the United States. This survey follows a common standard for all the parties.

Information ALTA Survey Provides

  • Encroachments;
  • Property boundaries;
  • Zoning classification;
  • Legal property description;
  • Existence of cemeteries;
  • Flood zone classification;
  • Water boundaries;
  • Roads and property features;
  • Names of neighboring property owners;
  • Land improvements;
  • Easement and encumbrances.

Why Do the Property Buyer or Seller Require ALTA Survey?

In most cases, banks, lending institutes, insurance companies and title companies pursue the survey to ensure that there is no serious problem in the land, and it clears all the survey matters. Remember that the mortgage insurance and property title get issues based on these clearances. This type of survey dictates water boundaries, improvements, existing easements, exact property lines, encroachments, and other land-ownership elements.

People do ALTA surveying when the property case is extremely complicated and expensive therefore, they have to get the title commitment before ordering an ALTA survey. Land surveyors work with the title companies to make sure that all the given information is correct.

What are the Steps in ALTA Surveying?

The surveyors gather and record all the information from physical surveying and property records so that the title companies get the data during insurance dealing according to their requirements.

First of all, the experts need to research all the land records. Then, they have to do a field investigation. After that, it’s essential to analyze the property. Next, they must take the map and make notes about the property. After that, they have to review the survey documents carefully. In the end, they need to sign the paperwork and seal it.

“Surveys Show That Surveys Never Lie”

Every property owner or buyer must survey their property at least once to make sure that there is no major fault in the property. Otherwise, they can face legal problems over time. If you want to survey any of your property, then contact Red Hawk Surveying in OKC.

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