Why Do You Need Construction Staking?

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Until features and proportions of the building plans are measured at ground level, builders cannot begin the logistics of a building project. This needs construction staking, and Red Hawk Surveying has years of experience providing construction staking surveys accurately in Edmond for builders ensuring construction runs according to their plan.

Why This Survey

When not correctly implemented or if unexpected problems at the building site cause problems during the construction process, even the best-drafted plans can fall short. Building staking allows builders to see the exact site and size of all the features of different plans. If these plans are translated into real, physical dimensions in the field, precision is essential to prevent costly errors and to keep the project on schedule. Only a registered surveyor supports the exactness and detail necessary for staking a construction site, therefore, for your construction staking in Edmond, come to Red Hawk Surveying.

What to Expect

Stakes are placed on the ground to build the features proposed. A copy of the approved building plans (preferably physical and digital copies) is submitted to us. We’ll determine the location and the dimensions of all building plans that would be constructed at the building site. All the following may include:

  • Stake buildup, dimension layout;
  • Pipe staking;
  • Checking out the location for plumbing layout and other infrastructure;
  • Grade staking;
  • Elevation detail for drainage/storm flow;
  • Layouts for concrete features like driveway or walkway;
  • Curb staking.

Come to Red Hawk Surveying for this construction staking in Edmond.

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